Special Notes

We are fully aware the Audio Alerts and the Call Roster are not connected. The work done in this release allows us to work on that next. I doubt we will release anything for the rest of this year, unless there’s a serious issue that needs addressing. We hope to have the new Alert system in place by the end of January 2024.

With the new Call Roster Watcher, Exceptions and Ignore editors; we have removed the wanted Callsign Regex and in the Exceptions the “No Unknown DXCC”, “Only”, “No” and “Message Regex” as they have become redundant.

To ignore Unknown DXCC either add it in the Ignores settings or right-click the “UNKNOWN” DXCC in the roster when present and select “Ignore DXCC”.

To track “CQ VOTA” right-click it in the roster and “Add Watcher”

To ignore RTTY Roundup “CQ RU” right-click it in the roster and “Ignore CQ from All”


  • BIGCTY - Update from November 29th
  • System - Returned LoTW, eQSL and OQRS membership columns to log entries
  • System - Fixed initial install window sizes
  • Logbook Viewer - Added DXCC reset view button
  • Call Roster
    • New “Move Column Right” added to right-click Column header
    • Fixed handling of compound callsigns
    • Fixed saving of Ignored CQ zones and ITU zones
    • New Settings Button (Ctrl-S)
    • New Callsign / Message Watcher (Ctrl-W or Ctrl-O)
    • New Exceptions Settings (Ctrl-E)
    • New Ignores Editor / Viewer (Ctrl-I)
    • New Columns Editor (Ctrl-C)

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