Special Notes

I noticed a long standing issue since day one of US State and County support. 

In QSL reports where the confirmation authority (LoTW, QRZ) had corrected the Grid/State/County: GridTracker was not applying the correction to the QSO record internally in all cases.

This is no way affects your logs, just how we've been representing them.

GridTracker will now properly correct these elements internally but be advised; using two confirmation authorities can and does lead to conflicting results. Therefore it is suggested to only use one confirmation authority with GridTracker.

This affects all previous version, so not upgrading to the latest will yield inaccurate Grid, US State and US County confirmations.


  • BIGCTY - Update from December 5th
    System - LoTW, eQSL and OQRS membership columns icon updated
    System - Fixed major bug in how confirmation (QSL) records were handled
    Call Roster - Returned non-slider based exceptions to the exceptions control area
    Language - Updates to Chinese simplified and traditional translations

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