Windows Update!

Some Windows systems have refused to install GridTracker since version 1.23.1019. This was due
to our Linux build system using a broken windows packager. We have reverted to the previous
version of the packager. We will be moving away from Linux to build the windows package very soon
to avoid this kind of mess in the future. Our humble apologizes to all affected! 

Special Notes

Because of a long standing issue with QSLs from different authorities such as LoTW and providing different locations (Grids, States and US Counties) we made the recommendation that you choose one confirmation source only. 

This did not sit well with a few people (angry emails not withstanding)

We now solve this issue by letting you have as many confirmation sources as you like, however you must now delegate one QSL location authority in Settings → Logbook and the default is LoTW.

We recommend changing this to the authority you are chasing awards for.

“Other” is there in case you're using a logger where GT can't determine the source of the QSL from the log entry.

Version 1.23.1207 was set to “Last Loaded” which means whatever the last QSL loaded into GridTracker is the one it will use for location (Grid, State and US County).

As stated previously this does NOT affect your QSO/QSL counts. Just your Grid, State and US County counts.

We have also added “Working Grid(s)” support for those with QSOs from multiple grids. If you are using LoTW and enable this feature expect download times to double as we request more information and LoTW rate limits the download


v1.24.0104 - Jan 3rd

  • System - fixed database creation error on new installs
  • Windows - NSIS installer reverted to 3.06.1-1
  • System - Fixed bug in handling hamqth lookups
  • Stats - DXCCs - Added confirmed band slot counts
  • BIGCTY - Update from Dec 28th 2023

v1.23.1226 - Dec 26th 2024

  • System – Improved Primary Administrative Area (State) detection

  • System – Added Canadian and Australian callsign databases

  • Map – Added ‘Worked All Canadian Provinces’ award layer (Key 9)

  • POTA – Map marker updated when park worked

  • Call Roster – Properly show POTA worked status

  • Logbook – Filter QSO by grid “Working Grid(s)”

v1.23.1217 - Dec 17th

  • BIGCTY - Update from December 15th

  • System - Add QSO processing indicator

  • System - QSL location authority selector added in Settings > Logbook

  • Logbook Viewer - QSL sources added

  • Call Roster - Added Grid to Watcher and Ignores

  • Language - Updates to Chinese simplified and traditional translations

  • Logging - DX Keeper grid bug workaround


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