Happy Friday!

The ‘interview’ with “Linux in the Ham Shack” went very well I think. I put interview in ‘quotes’ because Russ K5TUX pretty much had me and our crew do all the talking! It was very fun and so wonderful to set back and hear what Sebastian W2ASD and Marc N3CAN had to say and just smile ear-to-ear. Thank you to Russ, Cheryl, Bill and Richard for letting us all talk your ears off! The podcast should be ready for download from their site sometime Monday and please listen to the end, something special happens and I couldn’t have imagined a better ending.

I will be adding the Volunteer Examiner (VE) section to the site soon, so those of you who want to help out but don’t want to fuss with Discord can do so.

And finally, my friend Dylan cleaned his room!

The Box – Part 1

The Box – Part 2


We are pleased to announce we have enabled “Memberships” at https://GridTracker.org , feel free to set up an account, this allows you to post comments and enable other things we will offer to you in the future. You are free to choose any name you like!  The staff display names will be “Callsigns” but you are free to do what you want!  Welcome!