We are pleased to announce we have enabled “Memberships” at , feel free to set up an account, this allows you to post comments and enable other things we will offer to you in the future. You are free to choose any name you like!  The staff display names will be “Callsigns” but you are free to do what you want!  Welcome!

It’s been less than 72 hours

Dylan’s mom brought him over for what I thought would be a quick visit.

It was anything but quick!

We bumped elbows with masks on, and I said “Hey man, I’m Stephen.”, his mom walked past us and basically handed him off to me.  So I walked him into the office and his eyes went wide as saucers!  I wasn’t expecting him to come over, the ‘shack’ is a wreck, but he didn’t see any dust or clutter.  He walked right into the room and started pointing…”I want that, I want that.. I definitely want that!” and then he looked into “my corner” and said “What’s that?!”  and I with a grin ear-to-ear said:

 “That Dylan is my special project ‘GridTracker’

You all know what happens next… His mom was busy with stuff and we chatted and we packed their car with the box and a few other things we discovered and they went home.

I got a quick update a couple hours later, he wasn’t allowed to open the box until he cleaned his room.  We all know that story too.  

So I’m waiting for an update and he will probably be on our Discord server soon.  So when you see him, please wave and make him feel at home.

Donation Question

I long time GridTracker user posed a question today on the mailing list. Wanting to know if they could donate again to get some more tokens “poker chips”. To which I replied…

Thank you so much for your early donation, donations from you and people like you kept me going when I thought I was spinning my wheels.

Now that GridTracker the program is officially part of:  “An amateur radio community based around free and open source software and services, fostering international goodwill”

We will be accepting donations again, but for now it is suspended pending a business id where we can set up proper accounting and accreditation. 

That said; I have a ‘metric boat load’ of tokens! 

In fact, NR0Q has come up with another cool token of appreciation that is equally, if not more cool than the poker-chips!

We are going to do something with them both.

I’m thinking  ‘Ambassadors of GridTracker’ has a decent ring to it, and I think we’ll do something special therein.

So for now, I don’t think you’ll need to donate again to get tokens, but we’ll create a path so you can get your hands on some!

Stay on frequency!


I received an email from Walt N7BTH who voted ‘No’ on the motto and with his permission I will paraphrase his concerns.

The sentiment your slogan expresses is fine.  It is not that I am a mean person or take issue with that part of the motto. It’s just that I do not want to see Amateur Radio  become polarized by social issues or politics and that is why I voted ‘No’.”

And here is my reply to Walt for you all to see our position on the matter.

I 100% agree.

One of our tenants is to remain absolutely neutral, it is not our place!

The notion of “Do not be mean to others” is not a political statement, purely a childhood lesson that some have as a gift and others need to be taught.

The motto is tucked away neatly at the very bottom of each page on the website, it is not intended to be ‘in your face’ but a subtle reminder of what we as a group stand for. 

In addition to the founding definition of the charter: 

“An amateur radio community based around free and open source software and services, fostering international goodwill”

I heard you Walt and with your permission; if I can post a new blog entry on the site, paraphrasing your concerns then posting this reply that would help others understand too.

After all we are in this together!

Thanks for reaching out to me,

– Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis / N0TTL

Because we just kicked this off, there are and will be many gaps of information, documentation and policies (including privacy as of utmost concern!) that need to be put in place for all to read and debate. So please, give us a little time to get our ‘ducks in a row’ so to speak. Thank you all! goes NPO!

I am writing today to announce a couple of things and ask for your input.

I have taken more steps with GridTracker’s future. is now officially a non-profit entity, registered in the state of Oregon, USA.

GridTracker the program will be officially designated “Open Source” under the GNU Public License (GPL3) in the next release.

We have many, many interesting, exciting and new things planned so please check back often for updates!

And finally, I have a question to pose to all of you. My family and I have decided on a motto for ourselves and our businesses. I would like to share that motto with “” and would like you all to vote if it should be the motto (for now) of our newly discovered community.

The Motto: “fac quaelibet; tu nescis; noli esse vilis

Translation: “Do what you want.” “You don’t know!” and “Don’t be mean.

Meaning: “You are free to explore anything that interests you.” , “You don’t know everything, so learn!” and “Don’t be mean to others.