Welcome everyone!

Thank you so much for the interest in GridTracker.

I have been working with N2VFL and others in our spare time for the past two weeks on this project.

That’s right, it’s only been two weeks from inception! I can’t believe how much we’ve got done!

This next weekend I will be adding QSL confirmed marking to the map as well as a count, plus gridsquare labeling while zoomed in far enough so it doesn’t clutter the map.

I will also begin working on alerts, the current types I will implement are “Callsign” “Gridsquare” and “CQ designation  eg: CQ NA, CQ JP, CQ OC ” with the alert being

“Audio clip ( possibly your own selected media file)”  “Text to speech engine” “Visual”  and in the future possibly “CW” with tone/farnsworth timing/wpm etc.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see in this program or if you’ve found a problem, please post a comment here

We are listening!


-Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis