Donation Question

I long time GridTracker user posed a question today on the mailing list. Wanting to know if they could donate again to get some more tokens “poker chips”. To which I replied…

Thank you so much for your early donation, donations from you and people like you kept me going when I thought I was spinning my wheels.

Now that GridTracker the program is officially part of:  “An amateur radio community based around free and open source software and services, fostering international goodwill”

We will be accepting donations again, but for now it is suspended pending a business id where we can set up proper accounting and accreditation. 

That said; I have a ‘metric boat load’ of tokens! 

In fact, NR0Q has come up with another cool token of appreciation that is equally, if not more cool than the poker-chips!

We are going to do something with them both.

I’m thinking  ‘Ambassadors of GridTracker’ has a decent ring to it, and I think we’ll do something special therein.

So for now, I don’t think you’ll need to donate again to get tokens, but we’ll create a path so you can get your hands on some!

Stay on frequency!