Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  I run Windows 10 and after a recent update GridTracker main menu bar is all blurry and weird, what's wrong?

A)  Windows Update has broken some Nvidia control panel driver installations, you must visit directly and download your latest driver and install.

Q)  I am not using WSJT-X but want to view spots reports and log entries for PSK-31 and other modes, how can I do this?

A)  You can select Band and Mode in GT to see spots for PSK-31 if you wish. Just do it manually in the options in the menu on the right.
    In the Cyan box called "Map View" set Mode to PSK31
    Band "Auto" / Mode "Auto" is used when you're interfacing with WSJT-X specifically and want to see stations and grids on its current Band and Mode 
    GT works most effectively as a companion to WSJT-X but you can use it as a log viewer as it can import log data from a variety of sources.
    If you want to see all of your worked/confirmed grids on the map; Select Band "All" and Mode "All".
    Be sure to change it back to "Auto" / "Auto" when working with WSJT-X.

Q)  For some reason my worked and confirmed grids have disappeared, how do I get them back?!

A)  There are multiple reasons for this situation:

    1)  It's more than likely the "Select Grid View" button (the button below the Band and Mode selectors in "Map View") is now 
        displaying "Live Data".  To view QSOs (Log data) it must be set to at least "Logbook & Live Data" or "Logbook Data".
            "Live Data" shows just live real-time traffic from WSJT-X.
            "Logbook Data" shows your logbook entries.
            "Logbook & Live Data" shows both live traffic and logbook entries.

    2)  It is also possible the "Map View" is showing a specific band/mode and you need to change it to view your grids.

    3)  You pressed "Clear Log" button and now have no log data loaded. 
            Press "Load Logs" to restore your log data.

    4)  You pressed the "MH4" button and it is now displaying "MH6" and the grids are now really small. (eg: FN20jb)
            Press "MH6" so it reads "MH4" and you will now be displaying larger grids. (eg: CN84 )

    5)  You pressed the "Trophy" button and are now viewing an Award Overlay.  
            Press '1' (one) to return to grid view. 
            Press 'U' to merge award layer with grid layer.

    6)  You pressed the "PSK Spots" button and are now viewing PSK Spot reports.
            Press "PSK Spots" button again to turn off spots.
            Press 'T' to merge Spots with Grids.

    7)  You pressed the "GridTracker" button and are now in "Pin" mode
            Press the red pin to return to "GridTracker" mode.
            Press 'P' to return to "GridTracker" mode.

Q)  I'm not seeing a prefixed or suffixed callsign in my Callable Roster. Why not? 

A)  Compound callsigns need more characters than a typical FT8 message so the station didn't broadcast a gridsquare and you have "Require Grid" checked
        Uncheck the "Require Grid" exception

Q)  GT is showing a station in California, but says they live in Maine. This must be a bug! 

A)  They are on vacation.  GT shows the grid that a station transmits.

Q)  When using Text-To-Speech alerts, the audio is going out of over the air. I've selected a different sound-card in GT, but nothing seems to work! What can I do?

A)  If you are using Text-To-Speech alerts then you will need to change where Windows sends text-to-speech audio.
    In Windows Control Panel -> Speech Recognition -> Change Text to Speech Settings -> Click the "Advanced" Button -> "(X) Use this audio output" -> select the card you want to use for text-to-speech.
    Audio file alerts follow GT Audio card settings.

Q)  I set up an audio alert, the audio alert fires but I see nothing in the Callable Roster, why not?

A)  The Callable Roster is completely separate from the main app and alerts.  The Callable Roster has its own "Audio Alert On New Hits" option in (Settings->Call Roster)

Q)  When I click a callsign in the 'Callable Roster' or press "Generate Messages" in a lookup result, nothing happens in WSJT-X

A)  In WSJT-X  (Settings -> Reporting) check [x] Accept UDP requests. 
        If this doesn't work be sure another app is not also listening on ( 2237).
        If you need to run the other app, consider switching to Multicast IP and enable Multicast in GT (Settings->General) and the other app.

Q)  After I completed a QSO in WSJT-X and start calling CQ a path is drawn in GridTracker to my previous stations gridsquare, is this a bug?

A)  No, in WSJT-X (Settings->Reporting->Logging) check the box "[X] Clear DX Call and grid after logging".  
        WSJT-X does not provide the Tx Number or contents to third-party apps.
        It is not possible to know when you're calling CQ vs a station besides the presence of a station in DX Call and Grid boxes

Q)  The map is displaying black, there are just grids. What's wrong?

A)  The online maps are provided by various 3rd parties. Their servers could go down for maintenance, updates or simply stop offering a free map service
         Change to one of the other 22 map styles in (Settings->Map)