Fix for v1.21.1217 Windows 10

With thanks from all the fast reports of this issue, several members of the team spent most of the weekend testing and researching to figure out the WHY of why some Windows 10 PCs would load and launch GridTracker perfectly ok and others would load but not launch the GridTracker window.

The Problem

We found an upstream bug in NWJS where the Visual C Runtime was omitted from NWJS’s Windows dependency list. This morning Don KB2YSI and I did some testing and confirmed this is the case with GridTracker v1.21.1217 comparing his broken install and my working install.

The good news is that the fix while a band-aid is fairly simple and will not require a new release of GridTracker (or even a re-install).

The Fix

  1. Make sure GridTracker is not running in the background (Launch Task Manager and “End Process” to any GridTracker processes running.)
  2. Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
  3. Launch GridTracker normally from the desktop or start menu shortcut

We’ve reported this to the NWJS team to confirm the issue and will be working with them to confirm their fix works long term.

Again, thanks to all the reporters, testers and all the members of the development team that could have done a lot more on-air operating this weekend and instead spent a lot of their time working on this. Hopefully 15 through 10M stays open the rest of the afternoon and we’ll have some on-air fun. See you all on the bands and have a great Holiday week!