GridTracker gets more social, sorta…

Today’s release, March 30th;  includes the ability to share your On-Air status with other GridTracker users.


     If you opt-in, by navigating to Settings and selecting the “Share On-Air Status?” button.
GridTracker will report every 5 minutes minutes your Callsign, Gridsquare, Frequency and Mode back to


On the Menu is an option to “View GridTracker Users”, if you toggle it you will see all the stations that have chosen to share their On-Air status.
The data is refreshed every 5 minutes.


The information is only used for GridTracker, we will not *ever* sell, loan or give the data to a 3rd party. (we’re not Facebook)


If you do not want to share your On-Air status, simply leave the button unchecked.


You will still be able to view those that do.



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