9 thoughts on “GridTracker Support”

    1. I will still be sending out tokens for the easter-egg discoverers. Just have to wait for the new batch (700) tokens to come in next week.

    1. 60M should be enabled by default in the band activity chart (located in the upper right corner below the TX/RX indicator.

  1. Is there a way to attach images? I just installed the latest version (v1.21.0407) and one thing I notice on FT8 is the arc connecting me KC1PAN and BG8GAM during TX goes vertical to the top of the screen and extends left and right beyond the arc then on the other side of the world in China the drops down vertically. It’s not a huge deal, something I just noticed and I’ve probably done a poor job of explaining.

  2. I have a little Problem with Gridtracker it shows not all of my psk reports ?
    Sometimes i had 50 on the PSKreporter webside but only 2 on Gridtracker.
    Is this an other database ?

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