It’s been less than 48 hours

Dylan has outgrown the “200-in-1 kit” and moved onto the logic proto board.  His parents sent me a video of him showing off the 4-bit logic circuit he built and due to its age the switches were ‘rusty/faulty’ so I put together a box of ‘spare’ parts, because over the years I have heaps of those parts, the parts I found in that ‘basement’ in south-west Colorado.

I wrote him a letter and being conscious of our times I decided not to print it.  I wrote on the box a link  “” for him to open first when he’s handed the sealed box.

I am a mentor, wow does this feel awesome!

And to be a little self-serving .. I put an “RTL-SDR” a ‘duck’ antenna and a “GridTracker” token at the bottom.  🙂