It’s been less than 72 hours

Dylan’s mom brought him over for what I thought would be a quick visit.

It was anything but quick!

We bumped elbows with masks on, and I said “Hey man, I’m Stephen.”, his mom walked past us and basically handed him off to me.  So I walked him into the office and his eyes went wide as saucers!  I wasn’t expecting him to come over, the ‘shack’ is a wreck, but he didn’t see any dust or clutter.  He walked right into the room and started pointing…”I want that, I want that.. I definitely want that!” and then he looked into “my corner” and said “What’s that?!”  and I with a grin ear-to-ear said:

 “That Dylan is my special project ‘GridTracker’

You all know what happens next… His mom was busy with stuff and we chatted and we packed their car with the box and a few other things we discovered and they went home.

I got a quick update a couple hours later, he wasn’t allowed to open the box until he cleaned his room.  We all know that story too.  

So I’m waiting for an update and he will probably be on our Discord server soon.  So when you see him, please wave and make him feel at home.