June general update

The June general update v1.21.0620 is now available on the downloads page. This update contains a more permanent fix for downloading logs from ARRL’s Logbook Of The World (LoTW) that doesn’t require GridTracker to pull down the entire log. GridTracker did several versions ago pulled down only what we thought were changes since the last time logs were downloaded, however there were reports that QSOs and QSLs were missing so we went to pulling down the entire log which did insure we didn’t miss any QSOs or QSLs that had changed but put an additional load on the LoTW servers. Last week we disabled automatic loading of LoTW logs on startup to alleviate that load and allow other logging programs to sync on startup. Now with the improved code in v1.210620 we have re-enabled loading of LoTW logs at startup but we only pull the changes since the last time logs were downloaded reducing the load on the LoTW severs further. This version also implements a cool-down timer that doesn’t allow logs to be downloaded from the LoTW servers within 5-minutes of the last download.

We want to thank everyone that has contributed and that has been a lot of you. Your contributions are a great help in maintaining this website and the Off-Air Message Service (OAMS) servers. We made a change in how we update the file in GridTracker that contains the list of our contributors so now once a day GridTracker pings us and get’s an updated list (except when in off-line mode).

We are already thinking of what to put in our next update which wont’ be until July because who wants to download new software during ARRL Field Day this next weekend! If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or constructive criticisms, you can drop us a note in our Groups.IO email group, in our Discord server or in GitLab.

Speaking of ARRL Field Day, we’re looking forward to getting on the air this weekend as we’re sure most of you are. If you are using GridTracker at your Field Day setup, take a photo and share it on social media (which counts as Field Day bonus points) and include the hash tags #ARRLFD and #GridTrackerFD.