March Update

We’re testing and debugging some enhancements, improvements and bug-fixes in preparation for the next release of GridTracker. It’s a little slow going with most of the GridTracker core development team also working day jobs in some role in IT Management or IT Engineering. I recently started a new Broadcast Engineering job and in the last couple weeks we welcomed all of our station staff back into the building after most of them have been working from home or working hybrid for at least the last year. There’s a lot that I’ve had to do to get their cubicles, offices and studios ready for them to return on top of the usual broadcast stuff and making sure that the facility it protected with everyone’s laptops coming back in from being at their homes.

That leads into the other aspect of this update that I’m wanting to let everyone know about. With the current Geo-political situation, there has been a steadily increasing uptick in scans and “script kiddie” attempts on our infrastructure which is protected behind CloudFlare where possible. I’ve upped the paranoia level of CloudFlare’s firewalls and filtering as a preventative measure. There maybe times when our firewall will make you verify your not a bot.

Another element of this is also letting you, our awesome Grid Tracking community, know that you should be very careful with downloading ours and any other software for amateur radio. We recommend that you only download binary packages (pre-built ready to install or run programs) from official sites or package repositories (your Linux distribution’s official package repositories) and only download source code from official repositories. There have been some other radio software that was found being redistributed on a non-official site that contained dangerous malware.

For your convenience, I’ve linked below the official sites and repositories for some common logging and digital mode operating software.

ProgramOfficial Web Site (Binary Packages)Official Repository (Source Code)
Trusted QSL (T-QSL)
Log4OM Source
N1MM Logger+ Source
N3FJP Loggers Source
DXLab’s DXKeeper Source
Ham Radio Deluxe Suite Source