On October 2nd, 2020 GridTracker was featured in a FlexRadio live stream with Mike VA3MW and JP KG5ZZB where they spend a few minutes talking about how FlexRadio and GridTracker work flawlessly together. Thanks guys!

On May 9, 2020 Tag N0TTL was invited to a QSO hunting party hosted by “Ham Radio Crash Course” YouTube channel, where the host Josh KI6NAZ and he have a one-on-one discussion with a live video session on what GridTracker can do and how to effectively use the Call Roster. Quite a bit has changed in GridTracker since this interview, most things still apply however; buttons and windows have moved around and new features have been added.

GridTracker QSO Hunting on FT8 w/ Tag N0TTL

On April 7th, 2020 Santiago HI8SMX of the YouTube channel “hi8smx” goes into great detail on how to configure GridTracker with Log4OM and WSJT-X. Santiago has since joined “Team GridTracker” and is now in charge of all Spanish translations and even supports Spanish speaking users in all of our forums!

How to set up Log4OM WSJTX and GridTracker to work together

On November 26th and December 10th, 2019 Tag was invited to the “Linux in the Ham Shack” podcast, where the hosts Russ K5TUX, Bill NE4RD and Cheryl W5MOO have a “deep dive” interview with him on all things GridTracker. Part one focuses on GridTracker and due to running roughly 90 minutes in length, a Part 2 was created soon after focusing almost exclusively on the Call Roster.

LHS Episode #313: GridTracker Deep Dive

LHS Episode #316: GridTracker Deep Dive Part 2