Release of GridTracker v1.21.0928

The GridTracker team is excited to announce the release of GridTracker v1.21.0928 with a couple of bug-fixes and the availability of packages now for 64 bit ARM architectures.

ARM builds now use NWJS 0.54.2 which introduced support for 64 bit ARM processors and OSs. Until now, we were using the 32 bit version on 32 bit OSs with 64 bit hardware. There could be performance improvements with using 64 bit software on 64 bit hardware.

Bug fixes include a fix for malformed ADIF records when special characters where included in the record. That has been fixed and the length counting of the record should be correct and allow the entire record to be sent including the full “<EOR>” tag at the end.

The other bug fix is further improvement to doing differential downloads from LoTW, we look at the ADIF headers provided by LoTW and save a “last fetch” date-time stamp to use to refer to pull records only since the last check. That code has been simplified for reliability.

You can find GridTracker v1.21.0928 in the Downloads page.