September update

There has been a lot still going on behind the scenes as we are working on some fixes for some issues that have been reported having to do mostly with logging and missing QSLs or QSLs disappearing. We are looking at our process to update GridTracker’s logging with online services and looking at cache data in that process. There has been some limited beta testing as we are getting closer to the final solution for this.

Also over the last few months one of our team members was clicking every button, widget and control in GridTracker to figure out what everything does and write about it! Our lead “Document Doctor” as we often refer to the members of the Documents Team, Sarah N6OPE, has been spending lots of time in her hamshack trying nearly every feature of GridTracker that she can and writing all about it in our new “GridTracker User’s Guide”. The first thing you may notice if you’ve seen any of our previous documentation is that we’ve moved to a wiki format to make updates easier as the software is updated.

The other big update in the works is a refactoring of the code that drives the Call Roster. Refactoring is where we re-arrange the code and logic into well more logical order and organization for us to better process what exactly every bit of the code is actually doing and to make changes or updates. This refactor has several benefits even though they won’t be apparent to most end-users at first.

  • Easier for developers to find and fix bugs in the code and/or logic
  • Easier for developers to add new features or improve existing options
  • Easier to port code over to new platforms
  • Code runs more efficient, faster and more reliably (this is the thing end users notice)

Support update: Please note that in our new help documentation we are referring all support to three channels, Facebook Group, Discord and Groups.IO. We ask that support requests, questions, new feature requests be directed to those channels and not to team members personal emails or social media accounts. They may offer support through those other channels when they are available but that’s on their own schedule and if they are busy with other life demands may not respond. Requests sent to the three channels above go to all members of the team and even other users. Also those all have a search feature that allows someone to search to see if their question or problem had already been asked (and usually answered). We are in the process of taking the most frequently asked ones and adding them to the FAQ section of the new User’s Guide (mentioned above).

As such commenting here on website has been disabled because there was only 2 people that were getting notifications of comments here and providing support through the post/page comments became unsustainable. If you asked a question here in a comment that has gone answered, we apologize that has happened and encourage you to join the Groups.IO or Discord and ask it there if you hadn’t already found an answer.