Thanks for the patience as we worked to bring you this hotfix release after the reports of a couple of critical bugs in v1.21.0322 that we released earlier in the week. Our thanks to the OMs that email and messaged us with their bug reports and the information we needed to reproduce and fix them.

This release contains the bug-fixes and feature enhancements from v1.21.0322 along with fixing the bugs that prevented users from importing adif log files and a bug that caused the Call Roster to show incoming traffic that didn’t match the “wanted” filters.

You can find v1.21.0327 in our downloads page, with packages available for Windows, MacOSX (Intel), Linux and Raspberry Pi (and Odroid).

~Matthew NR0Q

3 thoughts on “v1.21.0327”

  1. On this latest Program of Grid tracker, the option to convert squares on the map, that changed them to upside down drips has gone, have you moved it some where else please….

    All the best from Alan

  2. Amazing program! I am so happy to see the neared radar and lightening warning. Used it yesterday to ground antennas and get out of the shack for an oncoming Texas spring thunderstorm. Also very cool to automatically upload to LOTW and Clublog contacts made. Thanks so much for a great program. bobf- W5RF

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