This is our May 2021 general release including several bug fixes and a few new features and updates.

Due to the high volume of GridTracker users that were polling for spot data on the PSK Reporter servers, GridTracker was blocked from accessing data. The team worked with the operators of PSK Reporter to make changes to GridTracker to reduce the load we impose on their system and this version includes those changes. To restore PSK Reporter spots users need to upgrade to this version of GridTracker.

We want to thank everyone that contributes to GridTracker. Starting now if you donate to GridTracker and provide your call sign we’ll add you to the list in the next version. Then when your call sign will receive a special recognition icon next to it when is displayed within the program. If you’ve contributed to us in the past and want to be included, send an email with your call sign to ‘[email protected]’.

The latest version of GridTracker can be downloaded here.

Program Update

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fix PSK Reporter poll time to 5min, add TX idle timeout and time skew to reduce the load GridTracker makes on the PSK Reporter server
  • Fix SVG icons not rendering in certain Windows 10 installs
  • Fix eQSL ADIF Support
  • Fix clearing of logs after installing a new version of GridTracker
  • Fix highlighting whole country of Somalia on map
  • Fix spots not refreshing/clearing when TX idle
  • Mark /MM as not DXCC per ARRL DXCC rules
  • Fix bug that causes call roster to stick
  • Fix typo in Call Roster “OAMS” heading
  • Fix DXCC GeoJSON centers that broke DXCC based map pathes
  • Fix mislabel of Eswatini


  • Update Award Tracker with new FT8DMC and European ROS Club awards
  • Improvements to the Call Roster
  • Add recognition of contributors to GridTracker within the Call Roster and lookup window
  • Make settings icon a toggle that both opens and closes the settings pane
  • Grid and IP Address fields are slightly wider
  • Add statistical information to call roster title bar