General Information

We welcome new developers, especially those with a background in JavaScript WebKit development to join us. Any user code contribution is also welcome as well.

As always if you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, We welcome those in our Groups.IO and Discord channels.


Main App:

  • Fixed issue with map selection not restoring after reload
  • Fixed window position and size change after each load
  • Fixed issue with loading logs and generating scores tab (Clear Logs/Load Logs required) in version 1008
  • New option in Settings -> Lookups -> Feature Control -> POTA. When "Enabled", track POTA spots from and auto-report activations. When "Menu Button" checked and menu button active, show active parks following "Map View Filters" rules.
  • OAMS spotting fixed for multiple-instances
  • St. Maarten continent changed from SA to NA
  • DXCC none ( ie: CALL/MM ) no longer counted in Scores or DXCCs stats tabs
  • After long window minimize, restore looks correct.
  • Fixed dupe check for last QSO partner (chasing bands, not logging)
  • Prefixes and direct callsign updates from BIGCTY 2022-09-20

Call Roster:

  • Fixed right-click on DXCC not showing DXCC ignore menu
  • Fixed "Clear Call Roster On Band Change" bug that caused the roster to blank
  • Fixed Age column not sorting correctly
  • Fixed County cell not doing lookups when allowed
  • Changed County column to show number of potential counties for a callsign
  • Add "RR73 as CQ" to Exceptions
  • Added 4 new "Masters of Radio Communications" awards from to Award Tracker
  • Award Tracker now shows in the Wanted cell the first award that meets criteria
  • Instances now horizontal between controls and roster table
  • New option in Settings -> Call Roster -> "Call Roster Delay On Focus".. when enabled will delay redraw of roster after decode round(s)

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