Special Notes

I introduced a timeout to HTTP transactions in version v1.23.1015 that has been causing issues with users on slow and non-North American connections. The timeout has been removed, sorry about that.

Thank you all for being patient with us, it’s been a long busy summer for most of the team. Only in the last week was I able to set down and work on some old issues.

We all want to give three cheers to WA4YA / DL4YA for his contribution of the two new push notification services that will send Call Roster Alerts and Off-air Message Service (OAMS) Chat messages to your mobile phone! He wrote a nice step-by-step guide that you can read here: push-notification-forwarding-to-your-phone

As many of you Windows users know, it can be a challenge to install GridTracker since we have not had the ability to code sign our Installer. Many warnings would pop-up that you had to bypass. Well thankfully our team member Beau Gunderson N7YHF has stood up to help until we can get our own code signing certificate. The Windows GridTracker installer is now code signed under his certificate. So don’t be alarmed when you get a window regarding publisher “Beau Gunderson”. Thank you Beau!

- Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis NØTTL

Changelog (October 19th, 2023)

  • HTTP – Removed timeouts on transactions affecting log downloading and uploading

Changelog (October 15th, 2023)

  • ADIF – Fixed record loading failure for PSK-Reporter if FREQ present
  • WSPR – Fixed decodes not appearing 

Changelog (October 14th, 2023)

  • Call Roster – Fixed "All Traffic/Only Wanted" filtering

  • Call Roster – Fixed POTA wanted same-day issue

  • Call Roster – Added optional "Rig" column

  • System – Support digital mode Q65

  • System – BIGCTY update from October 7th

  • System – Push notification services Simplepush.io and Pushover.net added (OAMS tab)

  • System – Swaziland renamed to Eswatini

  • Logging – HamZone.cn service is now HamCQ.cn

  • Maps – Toner (online), Terrain, Watercolor and Geography Class no longer public access

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