What is OAMS?

OAMS – pronounced (Ohms) – Is the “Off-Air Message Service” of GridTracker and Log4OM. It gives us the ability to have users share their “On-Air” status with other users, user to user chat and real-time spotting.

The name OAMS is credited to Evan W8KJR, who threw it out when we were looking for a name for the service in a round-table discussion. Beyond Ohms… it’s also the acronym for the “Orbit Attitude and Maneuvering System” of the NASA Mercury program, which is pretty cool too!

We will be opening up the OAMS network to any Amateur Radio related software developers who want to join us! If you’re a developer, drop us a message and we’ll get you connected soon. It is SSL WebSocket based and we have code examples in Javascript/Node.js we can provide you.